1. High-quality and sturdy: The metal scraper adopts high-quality PP engineering plastic anti-skid handle, high-strength aluminum alloy splint, and high-carbon steel spare blade, which is sturdy and durable.

2. MULTI-TOOL TOOLS: Our heavy duty scrapers can be used to clean tools, stickers, labels, glue, paint, decals on surfaces such as windows, glass, floors, floor tiles, walls, and kitchen stoves, food scraps on stoves, ovens, grills

3. Cleaning tool: The short blade can clean a larger area, and the ergonomic design makes cleaning more labor-saving and efficient, thus saving working time to a great extent

4. Accessories: 2 screws to fix the blade, , with a safety cover for easy storage and avoid scratches

5. Overall piercing design: The thickened steel pipe runs through the tail as a whole, and the percussion function can remove stubborn stains. Tail with percussion function


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