3M™ Pressure Sensitive Spray Adhesive 72 is a permanently tacky industrial grade spray adhesive. This unique adhesive features an added blue color and, combined with a variable spray pattern, allows for a precise application. The very long open bond time provides ample time for positioning of substrates even hours after spraying in order to ensure an ideal fit.

Fast Tack, Long Open Time
3M™ Pressure Sensitive Spray Adhesive 72 offers a fast tack and an aggressive hold that bonds plastic, foam padding, carpet backing, polyethylene and polypropylene to many other materials like fiberglass, plastics, particle board, hardwood, steel, concrete and many other materials. This unique adhesive is formulated in a blue color to help with precise application. Using a variable spray pattern helps minimize waste and overspray. With a long open time you have ample time – from hours to days – to position surfaces for an ideal fit while bonding in a dust-free environment.

Recommended Applications;
`Polyethylene sheeting for temporary construction
`Polyethylene foam for plastic case assembly
`Carpet backing attachment
`Temporary positioning and holding fabric, film, and paper
`Pipe insulation lap adhesive
`Swimming pool liner

Formulated for Freshness
Air quality control is a concern for every industry, including those whose everyday operations rely on performance-grade adhesives. In order to best improve workplace conditions and take care of the environment, 3M has developed a large range of high-strength adhesives with refined formulas – same performance, better for the environment. By continually striving to minimize the environmental impact of an adhesive, while maximizing its benefits, 3M has taken a new approach to redefining our highest performing adhesives.

`Pressure sensitive adhesive gains strength as pressure is applied
`Permanent tack ideal for many one-surface bond applications
`Low soak-in formula keeps adhesive on the surface
`Long open time allows bonds to be made hours or days after application
`Variable width lace spray pattern allows for precise dispensing

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